Project details



An innovative energy efficiency service platform for smart districts

Start date:

Duration: 30 months

Coordinator: Lola Alacreu

Budget: 3.1 M€


SmartKYE final results in short:

  • A common Service Oriented Architecture, Information Models and Interfaces.
  • An Open Energy Services Platform Integration with the different Energy Management Systems.
  • A Business oriented Cockpit.
  • A Monitoring and Control oriented Cockpit
  • Large Demonstration in two scenarios- 22@ district in Barcelona and Area of Lasithi in Crete

The final version of the SmartKYE energy efficiency service platform for smart districts has been deployed in Barcelona and Crete in order to evaluate their performance and impact. The results of the evaluation have been 4-8% for energy cost reduction while 6% energy has been saved due to the RES penetration. The platform is planned to be replicated in new scenarios.

List of achievements

The SMARTKYE project video can be found here.


Contact person: Lola Alacreu
Address: ETRA I+D