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43. Refinet  
This project is supported by the European Commission under the H2020 Framework Programme Grant Agreement no. 653789 signed between the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) and the REFINET…  
44. Publications  
REFINET DOCUMENTS REFINET Flyer Issue 1 REFINET Flyer Issue 2 REFINET Network of Stakeholders: Excel version or pdf version. REFINET Newsletter Issue 1  REFINET Newsletter Issue 2 REFINET…  
45. TI-TechMapper  
Contacts Alain Zarli (CSTB) ECTP Secretariat & REFINET Project coordinator Miguel Segarra (DRAGADOS) ECTP Infrastructure & Mobility Committee Chair Clemente Fuggini (RINA Consulting…  
46. The REFINET Consortium  
CSTB - Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment TECNALIA – Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation RINA Consulting (ex D'Appolonia) DRAGADOS FEHRL - Forum of European National…  
47. Download the REFINET Community Directory  
You can download the REFINET Community Directory in Excel version or pdf version.  
48. CSAs on Infrastructure  
Contacts Infrastructure & Mobility Committee Chair: Miguel Segarra (Dragados) REFINET CSA Coordinator: Alain Zarli (CSTB) FOX CSA and USE-iT CSA Coordinator: Thierry Goger…  
49. Links  
LINKS REFINET TI-TechMapper Platform ECTP - European Construction Technology Platform ENCORD - European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development INEA - Innovation and Networks…  
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