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Launch of the DIGITISE Project

The DIGITISE project (Digital Innovative cross-sector services for Greater citizen Integration in a just energy Transition and Societal Empowerment), funded by the European Commission under GA 101160671, aims to enhance digital literacy and empower consumers and consumers in the energy sector. It officially kicked off with a successful meeting held in Athens, Greece, on June 5-6, 2024. This ambitious initiative aspires to enable active engagement in digital energy activities and markets, promoting a pivotal role for consumers and prosumers in the ongoing energy transition.

DIGITISE is a forward-thinking project that amalgamates proven expertise and practical experience in energy systems, flexibility services, and energy markets. It emphasises social and human engagement within digital ecosystems, integrating technologies such as Innovative Cross-Sector Services, Digital Twins, DLT-enabled Marketplaces, AI Analytics, and Big Data Management. The project also prioritises interoperability and security, crafting a comprehensive consumer empowerment framework. 

Access more information in the press release issued by the project consortium.