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infra2050 is joining ECTP

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome a new applicant organisation, which membership will be formally endorsed by the upcoming ECTP General Assembly on 19 June 2024.

infra2050 is a certified French Public Works and Civil Engineering Cluster. Its mission is to increase the Public Works competitiveness and innovation facing today's and future societal and environmental global and local challenges. infra2050 has three main objectives: generate collaborative projects, products and generate future needs in terms of skills. infra2050 is dedicated towards low-carbon infrastructures: design, construction and use.

The projects supported by infra2050 will be around 4 major issues in civil engineering and regional land planning:
1. Designing, building and operating low-carbon infrastructures;
2. Designing and adapting infrastructures for low-carbon use;
3. Developing infrastructures to ensure the resilience of territories;
4. Integrating digital technology to create connected, learning infrastructures. 

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