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ECTP has the pleasure to welcome 2 Applicant Organisations

The following organisations have recently applied for ECTP membership:

DEEL (Dutch Empathic Environment Living Labs)
DEEL is a non-profit research and collaboration platform that focuses on developing design strategies and innovative housing solutions to contribute to transforming the building sector towards a more innovative, human-centered, and empathic living environment. Its specific focus on empathic living environments places the human being at the centre of the building process, integrates technological possibilities in construction, and contributes to policy development in this area by collaborating with local governments. DEEL was established in 2017 through a quadruple helix collaboration between several universities, citizens' initiatives, housing associations, care organizations, local governments, and various industrial partners. Through real-life projects throughout the Netherlands, they form a community of learning where these sectors come together to explore and develop new forms of collaboration, connecting the construction sector to more social and health-oriented organizations. Over thirty affiliated organizations currently utilize shared resources, develop and share knowledge, and work together to create real-life models of such living environments.

Founded in 1906, Leitat is one of the reference entities at state and European level in technology management. It has a team of more than 500 professionals, experts in applied research, technical services and management of technological and innovation initiatives. Leitat provides social, industrial, economic and sustainable value, offering comprehensive solutions in multiple sectors and areas: development of new materials, eco-sustainable production, occupational health prevention systems, revaluation of waste and use of natural resources, interconnectivity and digitization of industry, green energy and maximization of energy efficiency.
Leitat is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and is one of the main entities participating in the Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe program of the European Union.

With these 2 new applications, there are currently 4 organisations to be formally admitted at the next ECTP General Assembly.